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Image Darna


Release Date 2022-10-05
Runtime 35 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama
Stars Jane De Leon, Joshua Garcia, Janella Salvador, Zaijian Jaranilla, Rio Locsin
Directors Chito S. Roño, Avel E. Sunpongco, Keiko Aquino, Michael Matthews, Benedict Mique

When fragments of a green crystal scatter in the city and turn people into destructive monsters, Narda embraces her destiny as Darna—the mighty protector of the powerful stone from Planet Marte.

1. The Protector


Several years after her spaceship landed on Earth, Leonor gets alarmed when her enemies finally track her down. With the looming alien invasion, the stone protector is left with no choice but to prepare her daughter, Narda, for a huge responsibility.

2. The Invasion


Leonor gets forced to fight her enemies at a disadvantage when her daughter struggles to find the courage to follow her path. As grief and remorse weigh heavy on her, Narda decides to lead the same life as her mother.

3. The Strongman


Brian refuses to give in to corruption as he vows to get to the bottom of his father's suspicious death. Nueva Esperanza faces another threat following a blasting operation in the quarry.

4. The Crossroad


Desperate to support her brother's studies, Narda endures multiple rejections as she hunts for a job. Criminals with superhuman abilities called Extras begin terrorizing Nueva Esperanza. Ding gets in trouble after delivering a suspicious package.

5. The Stone


Narda's heroism during a bank robbery reaches Zaldy and Regina. Amid the chaos brought by a destructive earthquake, the magical stone finds its way back to Leonor's successor.

6. Narda’s Destiny


While she continues to struggle to come to terms with her new responsibility, Narda catches a glimpse of a strange man. An unexpected person comes to Ding's rescue when a group of bullies arrives at their house.

7. The Master


Wanting to be strong enough to protect himself and his family, Ding undergoes rigorous training under Master Claudio. Narda gets abducted by a mysterious man.

8. The Aftershock


Narda helps Sally reunite with Javier, unaware that they are being followed by armed men tasked to keep a dirty secret buried. Rolando confirms that the green crystal is the reason behind the emergence of Extras.

9. The Apparition


Regina bears the brunt of her father's harsh castigation for her failure to topple down Zaldy. Plagued by Leonor's apparitions, Narda finds the strength and courage to continue her late mother's fight.

10. A Mother's Return


Ding brims with joy when he reunites with Leonor, only to find himself in a precarious situation as he realizes the truth. Trying to prove herself to her father, Regina racks her brains as she comes up with ways to win her new case.

11. The Shapeshifter


As the shapeshifter recounts the day he killed Leonor, Narda is left with no choice but to reveal to Ding that she is Darna. The siblings then work together in able to beat the hostile extraterrestrial.

12. The Evil that Lurks


Brian receives an intel about a human trafficking ring in Nueva Esperanza. Narda takes time off from work to celebrate Berta's birthday, only to be forced to use her powers when Regina's disgruntled client takes matters into his own hands.

13. An Explosive Return


The citizens of Nueva Esperanza find renewed hope when the news of Darna's return and heroic deeds hit the headlines. Regina, on the other hand, grows frustrated as the superhero steals her spotlight.

14. The Snake Woman


Regina's resolve to meet her father's unrealistic expectations unleashes her monster within. Narda breaks out in cold sweat following her terrifying encounter with the snake woman.

15. The City's Monsters


Haunted by her encounter with Valentina, Narda sets her sights on ending the snake woman's reign of terror. Brian, meanwhile, races against time to come to Narda's rescue. Zaldy faces online criticism.

16. Out of the Den


Narda leaps into action to save her fellow sex trafficking victims, only for her secret to be discovered. An unforeseen incident spoils Brian's plan to bring down the syndicate. General Borgo cooks up a ploy to test Darna's ability.

17. Extras Anonymous


Ding puts up an online site aiming to help her sister fight crimes in the city. Rolando comes up with a way to contact Darna and inform her about the origin of Extras. News of an assassin that can pass through walls hits the headlines.

18. The Voices


After hearing her father's wily advice, Regina begins to lose grip on reality as loud insidious voices intrude on her mind. Meeting with Dr. Mandy, Brian and Narda learn about the reason behind the untimely death of Alex's father.

19. Task Force Extra


Brian volunteers to head a task force against Extras, only to be taken aback upon learning that he will directly report to Zaldy. While resting from a tiring day, the policeman's sleep gets interrupted when he hears loud knocks on his window.

20. The Smokescreen


Zaldy reveals his plan to use the issue regarding Extras as a smokescreen for his nefarious activities. A misunderstanding arises between Narda and Regina. Meanwhile, Darna comes face-to-face with the Killer Ghost.

21. Ghost Hunt


General Borgo learns about Darna's brewing romance with Brian. Brian, on the other hand, finally uncovers Killer Ghost's real identity upon discovering the connection among his victims. Noah decides to pursue Narda.

22. Ghost Fight


Concerned that her friend will be Killer Ghost’s next target after Zaldy revealed the Extra’s identity to the public, Darna tells Brian how to contact her if he is in danger.

23. Heroes


Darna's name is revealed to the public as Brian fights for his life at the hospital. General Borgo resolves to find the new protector of the magic stone, only to find one of his soldiers in Nueva Esperanza.

24. Memento


Narda brims with joy upon seeing a memento of Leonor's origin and heroism. As the insidious voices in her head grow louder, Regina finds herself confiding in the only person she trusts.

25. Inner Turmoil


Recalling his bone-chilling encounter with Valentina, Ali decides to keep his mouth shut as Regina stresses over her dream about the snake woman. At the hospital, Narda steps in upon hearing Zaldy and Noah's heated argument.

26. Sisterhood


General Borgo orders his underling to find and trigger an Extra in a bid to learn more about the person behind Darna. Troubled by her nightmares about the snake woman, Regina finds peace and comfort in Narda's company.

27. Zero in on the Heroine


Brian recalls his late father's advice as he recruits new members of Task Force Extra. Zaldy zeroes in on Narda upon learning about the young woman's role in derailing his human trafficking operations.

28. The Clone Man


While an unsuspecting Regina waits for Narda at the office, Darna joins hands with Brian to track down Clone Man. However, their efforts turn futile when the cunning villain finds a way to keep his identity under wraps.

29. A Change of Heart


Clone Man's identity gets revealed to the public just as Narda and Brian receive information about him. Upon watching his special someone on the news, the elusive villain decides to reach out to Gardo.

30. One at a Time


Narda, Brian, and Gardo head out to pursue Clone Man, only to be caught off guard by an ambush attack. Determined to avenge his child's death, Master Klaudio vows to prepare Darna for her fight against General Borgo.

31. Hero to Zero


Darna endures criticisms online as the escaped convicts wreak havoc in Nueva Esperanza. Regina, meanwhile, faces backlash after releasing a statement vowing to give Vince a second chance.

32. Venomous Vigilante


Narda grows worried as the citizens of Nueva Esperanza laud the snake woman for hunting down the escaped convicts. Wrath consumes Regina upon getting wind of Vince's decision to surrender before Darna.

33. Guns Up


Zaldy enforces a brutal policy to hunt Extras down. Regina finds an opportunity to show the public her worth when a bloody gang war puts people's lives at risk, only to be overshadowed by Darna.

34. Darna's Vulnerability


A deluge of rage overwhelms Narda when she spots Klaudio while delivering food to Rolando. The protector grows more troubled upon learning about General Borgo's nefarious plan for Earth and humankind.

35. Ding's Vengeance


After overhearing Narda and Berta's conversation about Klaudio, Ding sets out to avenge Leonor's demise. Darna lands in hot water when her effort to seize an Extra causes public disruption.

36. Darna's Bashers


Narda's morale plunges after another mishap resulting in Darna being heavily criticized online. Regina uses her platform to urge the superhero to explain herself before the irked public.

37. Face to Face


Darna comes face-to-face with Regina to answer the allegations hurled against her and question the snake woman's inhumane actions. General Borgo grows puzzled as the new protector proves to be a tough nut to crack.

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