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Image Diary of a Gigolo

Diary of a Gigolo

Release Date 2022-09-07
Runtime 54 minutes
Genres Drama
Stars Jesús Castro, Victoria White, Fabiola Campomanes, Francisco Denis, Begoña Narváez
Directors Silvina Fredjkes, Alejandra Quesada, Mariano Ardanaz

A male escort's life begins to unravel when he gets involved in a client's family affairs and breaks the cardinal rule of his work: Don't fall in love.

1. Episode 1


Police arrest and question Emanuel, who begins to explain the complex sequence of events that may have led to a woman being murdered in his house.

2. Episode 2


Emanuel agrees to help Ana with an off-the-books job, which starts to interfere with his work for the agency. Minou struggles with risky impulses.

3. Episode 3


Julia slowly begins to warm up to Emanuel when they collaborate on a project. Ana and Minou discover that they have more in common than they realized.

4. Episode 4


Emanuel's feelings for Julia become increasingly visible — and unsettling — to the other women in his life. Lino takes advantage of an opportunity.

5. Episode 5


A family dinner for Julia's birthday puts Emanuel in an uncomfortable position. Minou confronts Román. Julia learns more about the family business.

6. Episode 6


During a work trip to Cancún, Emanuel steps in when Abel takes things too far. Ana becomes increasingly isolated. Florencia makes contact with Victor.

7. Episode 7


Julia wrestles with doubts, while Emanuel delivers bad news to Minou and reconnects with an old friend. Ana decides to take control of her business.

8. Episode 8


Emanuel and Julia both turn to friends for help in their search for the truth. Minou mends fences with Ana and passes on a warning about Victor.

9. Episode 9


While Julia absorbs her loss and the truth about Emanuel, the detectives investigating the murder begin to connect the dots between their suspects.

10. Episode 10


Minou makes a decision to protect her family, while the murder becomes a media scandal. Julia and Emanuel take their futures into their own hands.